Southern African Rail & Steam Tours
Take the steam train and enjoy the old and relaxing way of travel, powered by Reefsteamers

Terms & Conditions

With your transfer of the deposit, you agree to SAR Steam Tours booking conditions.

Upon written request via email and subject to availability, we will provisionally book you on the chosen tour. Space is allocated and held.  Upon receipt of a written confirmation via email and a completed Reservation Form, final confirmation details and an invoice will be sent to you. Upon receipt of the relevant payment, your booking on the chosen tour will be confirmed.

Payment Schedule:

- A 15% deposit for single bookings up to 4 guests, Final payment is due no later than 8 weeks prior to departure.
- A 25% deposit/incremental payment of the tour price is required to confirm the reservation for groups larger than 4 guests.

- Final payment is due no later than 8 weeks prior to departure.

Price changes:
All SAR Steam Tours are long time projects and have to be organized long in advance. It may happen that price changes are necessary:
- higher transport costs (fuel taxes and rail access taxes)
- new and raised (fees and charges)
- government decreed price rising
- changed exchange rate
SAR Steam tours will announce the price changes latest 30 days before the start of the tour. If the price change is higher then 10% of the original price, you will have the right to cancel your booking, in written and latest 5 days after you received our Price change announce. This cancellations are free from admission fees.

Cancellation Policy:
In case of a cancellation made by you, SAR Steam Tours will charge the following admission fees (days before the tour start):
84 days or more 15% of the total price, 83-60 days = 25% of the total price, 59-40 days = 50% of the total price, 39 days or less (or no show) = 100% of the total price.

If you have to discontinue the tour, SAR Steam Tour cannot refund the tour price. Our local tour guides will, when ever possible, assist you if you need some help.

If the tour would be cancelled by SAR Steam Tours, already received payments, will be returned in full.
SAR Steam Tours can cancel the tours in the following cases:
- The minimum participants are not reached, in this case SAR Steam Tours is able to cancel the Tour until 30 days before the tour start, additional compensation is excluded
- In cases of political rumours, disasters or other circumstances who are dangerous for our guests, a cancellation can be made in short therm before the tour start. In this cases SAR Steam tours will be authorized, already made payments, can be dedicated from the payment which SAR Steam Tours was to return

Travel insurance:
Cancellation insurance is compulsory and will not be waived

Scheduling Times, Routes and Excursions:
SAR Steam Tours cannot be held liable for any delays due to trains not running to schedule. All details of the tour are subject to change due to exterior influences and the original tour cannot be performed. Departure and arrival times are approximate and cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to alter our routing at any time between departure and arrival points. All information on the tour is assembled based on quotations of the various rail operators, and other travel agency. Agenda items are subject to change with or without notice; on such changes SAR Steam Tours has no control. Because of such changes SAR Steam Tours cannot held accountable. SAR Steam tours further reserves the right to cancel or amend any sightseeing excursions or the tour departure dates provided they can offer the passenger alternative sightseeing excursions or departure dates. There will be no refunds for any part of the tour that might be missed due to personal reasons. Please make sure you allow enough time to reach your home flight and your travel insurance covers such contingencies.

Passport and Visas:
All tour participants must have a valid passport that has at least (from date of entry) 6 months validity. The passport holder is responsible for the possible acquisition of a visa for the destination country. Please also check possible visa restrictions.

The tour participants will need to have good health, SAR Steam Tours is not responsible for participants who attend weakened or sick with the tour. For safety reason, SAR Steam Tours reserves the right to exclude participants with health problems from the tour. For the duration of the tour, you are responsible to take a appropriate travel insurance. SAR Steam Tours cannot be held responsible for any medical problems, injury, loss or damage during the tour.

Photography and video / TV recordings:
SAR Steam tours reserves the right to use any photography / film taken by our staff / hired professional company on the tour, for general publicity purposes without notice, payment or permission.

Currency and on/off train payments:
Prices are in South African Rand (ZAR) within South Africa and Namibian Dollars in Namibia (NS$).
On board consumption can be accounted and be paid at the end of the tour.
The most places we visit accept the general credit cards.

Excluding passengers from the tour:
SAR Steam Tours reserves the right to exclude participants from the tour, if a participant's behaviour interferes with the other party and / or the tour and / or affect the implementation of tour.
In case of a exclusion, the excluded participants would have to organize their own return journey.
In any case no re-funding will be possible.

The conditions will be deemed to have been accepted and will be in force upon confirmation of the booking.