Southern African Rail & Steam Tours
Take the steam train and enjoy the old and relaxing way of travel, powered by Reefsteamers

About Us

In 2000 the last steam Train was operated by the South African Railways:the „Union Limited“.

SAR Rail & Steam Tours, builds on the long-standing tradition of Union Limited. Our train differs from the other trains in South Africa:
We operate our trains with steam locomotives, We offer a dignified and relaxing comfort but without entering the luxury segment and we offer excursions to sights and landscapes which are often not visited / seen.

SAR Rail & Steam Tours welcomes since many years international guests from all over the world and all generations - individual personalities who are happy about our excellent menu, a pleasant atmosphere, unique excursions and friendly service.

Southern African Rail and Steam Tours NPC was founded in 2015. The Company's line of business includes arranging and assembling tours for sale through travel agents.

In 2018, SAR Rail & Steam Tours and Reefsteamers joined forces. This allows both Non - Profit Companies (NPC's) to leverage structural and financial synergies and to offer the best possible service to our customers. For the steam tours, Reefsteamers will continue to use the Southern African Rail Steam Tours (SARST) brand, which is established overseas. In South Africa, the tours are being marketed under the name Reefsteamers, which opens up another attractive market for steam tours. For our customers, nothing will change. The revaluation of the rolling stock will continue as the various tour offers

Reefsteamers / SAR Rail & Steam Tours are also able to offer private charter train, each tour can be individually planned, please let us know your ideas and we will work on a tour schedule and send you a detailed offer.

Welcome aboard our relaxing steam travelling tours, your Reefsteamers / SAR Rail & Steam Tours Team


Our steam tour experienced and responsible management is there for you 24 hours a day to meet all your expectations.
Our aim is to create a carefree and stress-free atmosphere to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Philipp Maurer

Back office and Reefsteamers (RS) board member

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Philipp Maurer

Kontakt für alle Anfragen in Deutsch und Vorstandsmitglied RS

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Shaun Ackerman

Tour Operations and Railway Engineering requests

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 Train Crew

Our young and motivated team strives every day to satisfy all our requirements and to satisfy your requirements of hospitality and quality, and to offer you a pleasant time with us.


 SAR Steam Tours is professional and fully insured by Stalker Hutchison Admiral

Our Trains are operated trough Reefsteamers (NPC)

Reefsteamers is fully covered for public liability by the insurer Santam

SAR Steam Tours is a South African Non Profit Company (NPC), Reg. No: 2015/054411/08
SAR Steam Tours organizes and offers steam tours in South- and southern Africa.
All profit generated,will be put in to railway- restoration and preservation projects in South Africa

SAR Steam Tours is a proud member of the Federation of Heritage Railways of South Africa